Designing for a Dentist

One of the projects we are delighted to be working on is Dr. Randall Pagenkopf's new facility, which will be located on Wando Park Blvd. in Mount Pleasant.  "Dr. Randy" as he is known to his pediatric patients, and his business partner / wife, Cullan, envisioned their new building to be rooted in the coastal vernacular while providing a professional image with quality, durable materials. The design needed to be a place that would make families feel welcome and comfortable as well as house the technology and equipment necessary for this vibrant dental practice to continue to provide exceptional dental care. 

Rush Dixon Architects' rendering of the new facility for Dr. Randy

Rush Dixon Architects' rendering of the new facility for Dr. Randy

At a time when the medical and dental community is changing at lightning speed, it is inspiring to know there are physicians such as Dr. Randall Pagenkopf, who are successful by being true to their passion and values.  Dr. Randy and Cullan have built a vibrant practice in Mount Pleasant with an approach to practicing dentistry that strikes a chord with both patients and their parents - to garner confidence by providing exceptional care and preventative education, delivered by a solid team of familiar, smiling faces.   

Dr. Randy graduated from The Medical University of South Carolina in 1996, and then completed his pediatric dental training in 1998 at Children's Hospital Medical Center. He has treated more than 10,000 patients in his career thus far, and enjoys participating in medical missions trip to Honduras.  His practice focuses exclusively on children and he, Cullan, along with their entire staff are advocates for their patient's parents.  “People underestimate the importance of good dental care. It is so directly related to one’s overall health.” The Dr. Randy team helps them develop good oral health habits for life.  In many cases, restorative treatment is done via water laser, which minimizes tooth loss and can sometimes be done with no or very little anesthesia. Dr. Randy is very proud to offer zirconia (tooth colored) crowns for primary teeth; the only option until very recently was a silver filling which is not a very popular option for parents or children.  This speaks to his eye for relevant technology and forward thinking practices. 

Beyond seeing patients throughout the week, Cullan and Dr. Randy lead their team by supporting the community in meaningful ways.  Every February, during Children’s Dental Health month, they visit local elementary schools to educate children and spread dental health awareness. Education is a big passion as evidenced by their blog: Content includes medical studies, best dental practices, and nutritional advice to fully support their patients.  And every Halloween, Cullan organizes “Operation: Candy Buyback” where patients can bring their treats to the office and trade it for money.  Once all of the candy has been collected, it is packaged up and sent to troops serving in the U.S. Military.

Yes, we keep good company and are lucky to spend time helping to create a new facility for them to work their magic.  Look for construction activity to begin prior to the end of the year, and if you have a little one that needs a dentist, by all means call Dr. Randy at 843-971-6221.


Rush Dixon Architects is a small part of this endeavor. Meet the rest of the project team:

General Contractor | Harbor Contracting

Civil Engineering / Landscape Architecture | Seamon Whiteside

Structural Engineering | ADC Engineering

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Engineering | Charleston Engineering

Dental Design Consultant | Unthank Design Group