The Beauty of Rules / by Judy Dixon

As architects our mission is to create beautiful, functional structures for our clients - architecture that contributes to the built environment of its place, walls and roofs that keep water out and conditioned air in, volumes and spaces where life can not only happen but be better than before. It's an going balance between art and rules.

"I think constraints are very important. They're positive because they allow you to work off something." Charles Gwathmey, Gwathmey Seigel Kaufman Architects

We had the opportunity to think about everyday constraints today (and every day actually) - building codes, zoning codes and flood plains at the Town of Mount Pleasant's "Code for Lunch" series hosted by the town's Planning and Building Departments.  It may sound less than inspiring, but to us if you don't know the constraints you cannot be a relevant architect.  Here are some items discussed today. Any questions, send us a message and we'll be happy to follow up.  


The State of South Carolina is on track to adopt the 2015 International Code Series on July 1, 2016. (We are currently under the 2012 International Code series.) This likely means that any projects close to drawings completion should be submitted to the authority having jurisdiction (unless you would like to transfer to the new code.)  [Reference International Code Council]


We may not have snow here in Charleston, but we sure do have flooding. As anticipated (feared) the flood maps are on track to be updated in less than two years. This can have impacts on insurance, new construction, etc. [Reference Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA] 


While there are no new regulations on tree protection, the proper way to execute protection was reviewed. This is an area that has many infractions which could lead to Stop-Work orders so make sure this is cone properly for a smoother inspection process. [Reference Town of Mount Pleasant Tree Ordinance]


The building setbacks for Accessory Dwelling Units is slated to be increased at an upcoming Town Council meeting. Check the Town of Mount Pleasant website for updates to the Zoning Code. [Reference the Town of Mount Pleasant Zoning Ordinance]